martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

More photos

New photos... all is glassed now. The palms are still very young and short, and were planted just a few weeks from now. Below and old existing tree, I planted a Bonsai garden. There are also some small birds, I decided to share some space whit them because a pair of those birds had 2 sons just a month ago... a beautiful place for newborns!!. Here are some photographs...

martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008

Victorian Greenhouse in La Calera Colombia

In Colombia, greenhouses are practically non-existent. Even in Bogotá, the main greenhouses in the botanical garden are not iron and glass structures with the appropriate romanticism. Of course, we don't have the heritage for that kind of architecture, nor the funds to develop something that, disgracefully, is considered unnecessary by our government.

Personally, as an architect, I think that a home should be more than simply a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. A home should be designed in a romantic way that peeks inside the owner's interests and helps him to develop them with the same importance as eating, sleeping, etc..
In the same context, a home should have a way to connect with nature, that which we should consider as our first home in any event.

In my research, I found conservatories a very "popular" addition to North American homes, but unfortunately, almost all of them are built and used very differently than the way they were primarily designed 200 years ago. "Bringing nature to home" (lets get away from the eccentricities of the former European nobles). There is plenty to say about this matter, but I leave you with an example of what I think a home greenhouse should be.

This one I built in 6 months, very slowly, and with less than 20k. In this photograph the glass is not installed and still does not have the tropical plants (palms, ferns, orange tree,....lots of flowers).
Its going to be very interesting since it is located above 3,050 MTS (10,000 feet). Colombia has all the existing thermic floors and sure I live in one of the higher and colder ones (no snow though). It has 700 sq feet and is 27 feet tall at its highest point. Hope you like it.

For photographs under construction, see my other blog (in Spanish)

Text edited by John Lord (mexjohn), a friend from, the best place for discussing and learning of optics for astronomy,